Here is the mailbox that inspired this blog. It was in Columbus, Ohio, on Dublin Road north of Trabue Road - no longer accepting mail, as a new cousin stands across the road. Send in your pictures of rusty mailboxes to join it!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

RM #1360

Will says, "Love this one. It is some forty years old. The house it belongs to is less than five years old. The owner said the original house was a govie ( government provided public housing). They loved the letterbox and decided to keep it to reference the history of the area and original house. Apparently a number of people have offered to build them a "more fitting" one, but they have declined, saying that this one is the fitting one. The new house is large, architecturally designed, complex and thoroughly modern. A far cry from what would have been there. I applauded them."

Thanks, Will!

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