Here is the mailbox that inspired this blog. It was in Columbus, Ohio, on Dublin Road north of Trabue Road - no longer accepting mail, as a new cousin stands across the road. Send in your pictures of rusty mailboxes to join it!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

RM #2297

David Cross shares this from near Pescadero, California.  He says, "A row of mailboxes marks an unpaved road south of Pescadero along the San Mateo County coastline. The field in the background belongs to a 3rd generation farmer named Fernando. His family has tilled the land here for over 50 years. They mainly grow brussel sprouts, a vegetable that thrives in the deep moist foggy environment along the coast. Fernando stopped me as I drove up the private road fronting the mailboxes, and asked me what I was doing. I showed him my camera, and he gave me carte blanche to his property, after talking my ear off for 20 minutes. He had a lot to get off his chest. I guess farming in the fog is a lonely life."

Thanks, David!

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