Here is the mailbox that inspired this blog. It was in Columbus, Ohio, on Dublin Road north of Trabue Road - no longer accepting mail, as a new cousin stands across the road. Send in your pictures of rusty mailboxes to join it!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

RM #2326

This photo was taken at an abandoned farm house on Route 100 in Lower Macungie Township, Pennsylvania. It has been said that the farm had been bought during the Great Depression by a local rich land owner who bought farms from farmers who were having hard times, I am not sure if this is totally true. Based on the condition of the buildings the farm was lived in until recently. The fields behind the house continue to be farmed. However, the land owner has proposed, if zoning approves, that the land should be developed into housing and light industry warehouses. So it is reasonable to assume that farming on this land will end. Thus the farming way of life for this land is over. The people who were tied to the land are gone and a true sense of emptiness and loss surrounds the buildings. In a sense the farm resembles the abandoned ghost towns of the American West. There seems to be an empty void which nothing can fill. The mailbox with its sad red flag is a sign post of a past life and way of life that will never be again. God has abandoned this place and even the postman does not stop here anymore.

I have passed the farm thousands of times and finally stopped to record it before the wrecking ball removes it forever.

Thanks, Don!

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